Saturday, December 17, 2005

In Kalimantan - blog assault cometh!

I am now living in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, near Tangkiling village, 36 km north of the capital, Palangkaraya.

I've been settling into my house, writing everyday, doing a little teaching (film/animation)at a secondary school here, riding the 'transmigrasi roads' and canoeing the surrounding jungled rivers and waterlands.

I am preparing for another 'BLOG assault' by Feb. 20, 06.

The Comments Section:

A couple of people have emailed me a little confused about the comments section. So to be clear: No, that is not me posting within the comments section as 'Colonel Pumpy'. It is, I do agree, a little tiresome, and it may be time for this chap to get his own blog up and running under an original name and even more desirable, an original subject.

Cheers,and thanks for the comments - appreciated.
Mr Felix in Kalimantan