Sunday, August 19, 2007

Radio South Kalimantan!

The Pak Felix English Talk and Music Show on Radio Tuntung Pandang FM 102.3 out of Pelaihari, South Kalimantan was a good bet while it lasted, I must say.

I love radio. I love rabbiting on with complete control....

I spent 2 months in South Kalimantan setting up the radio show, training local teachers in a broad programme of 'live interactive' English language techniques (Forget the freaking English lab, folks, use what you got - your brains, your hearts, your wills!), visiting schools, looking at under-utilised multimedia labs and doing various training gigs with the local high school students, viz.: The State Debating and Storytelling Contests (Give me brave, kids, not smart! And besides, think of your oponents as monkeys...!)

Hell, I even had breakfast with the local Regent:

The Regent: We need this broad, region-wide English program to go ahead, Felix. I want everyone in the province speaking English! I'm behind you all the way!
Pak Felix: Groovy...!
The Regent: Here, try another sweatmeat.
Pak Felix: Cool...

Job start date: 1 August, in place.
Job cancellation date: 31 July.
Reason: Education department will not release funds. Discussion will continue in October at next departmental meeting. Money scheduled for release May 'o8. Will you be available then, Pak Felix?
Pak Felix: I'll probably be dead from lack of food by then, but you can always try.

Itulah Indonesia! Aduh!
That's Indonesia for you! Shit...
Kemana dari disini, Pak Peelips?
Where to from here, Pak Felix?
Tak tahu!
Fuck knows...

Well, a great truth in life is to take things all the way, even into the face of certain defeat, and then the only step left is into nothing, which is freedom.