Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Green Gibbon!


aaron said...

oh my!

he's much bigger than i thought.

be careful he doesn't tear you a new arse.

Terry said...

Oooh Mr Felix!

I'm so glad you're back.

I have developed an itch that even the green gibbon couldn't scratch.


Anonymous said...

Adam said...

So Felix...your long absence of posts leads me to draw one conclusion...that you have found the LSD and are hoarding it for yourself. Do you confess? Redeem yourself by undertaking the promised blog offensive.

Anonymous said...

LSD should be LDS (Lost Divine Spark)!!

ivor said...

gibbosity noun 1. The state of being gibbous or convex 2. a rounded protuberance;hump


Anonymous said...

You're a legend Mr Pumpy, and please tell Felix to write. It doesnt have to be about cycling, i will read anything as long as it well written, hey, and i have read all Mr Felix's posts. It must be dishartening to see the deforestation of Indonesian Kalimantan, sure you have some comments to that effect. Its been a while, write damn you...

Mr Felix said...

Hi folks...

Yeah well, this is the issue, really. I'm so far off the straight and narrow bike path that I'm having trouble contextualising the story within the bicycle framework.
It's a problem caused by the initial parameters I set up.
What I set to do originally was to talk about the 'painful side' of cycling (something that gets left out of most cycling stories, including Mr P.), and my own journey through that, but the more the story went on, the more inclusive I needed to become of non-cycling subjects and past experiences.
My wicky-wacky world.
I reignited the spark all right, but I didn't factor in the forest fire.
In other words, in the end, the initial story parameters became too tight.
I made it (the story made it)through as far as the Green Gibbon, but to do justice to the forest fire that ensued, and continues to burn out of control, I'm going to need to drop all limits and go for broke.
I also need to let the smoke clear before I can move forward with assurity.
The story, from here on in, would need to cover cycling, Asia, the Himalaya, the jungle, Buddhism, the Void, Christianity, God, Subud, love, hate, will and of course, sex. Yep, the search for belief in a world gone crackers.
Does anybody really want to hear about this? Sometimes I really do wonder.
And no, re the Green Gibbon, I have not been searching for another cartoon character to replace good old Mr Pumpy. Really, you'd have to be terribly unbalanced to go through that much pain for art. Christ!
OK, my thanks for the comments, they do spur me along.
In brief, I've been in Kalimantan for the last 6 months working, getting my feet on the ground and watching the forest fire burn. It has been a time of radical change.
Now where to? A book, a blog, or selling potatoes in Kiev?
I'm presently in Melbourne, my (former) home town, closing up shop, and I return to Kalimantan in June. I'll be teaching film at the local International School for the July-Dec. '06 semester.
Within the next month, here in Melbourne, there will be some movements on the Pumpy site and on the blog, and when the smoke clears, I expect I'll know which way to move...
My thanks,
Mr Felix in Melbourne