Friday, May 05, 2006

Mr Felix update....

To blog or not to blog?
See the comments section in The Green Gibbon, below, for a brief update.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Felix,
I found you through an interest in cycling, but have followed you without fail through the much greater scope of your blog.
Personally I hope you continue sharing with us and do not feel constrained by artificially chosen boundaries, life is to large for that.
A bicycle is a relatively boring inanimate object by itself, however, as a vehicle to move us through the world at a very personal pace and level, it is a wondrous thing.
I miss you’re your stories and observations and look forward to your blog resumption in whatever scope you chose to encompass.

Anna said...

Dear Mr Felix & Mr Pumpy

Can't find actual email addresses on either of your sites - this may be wise, or I may have missed it.

Regardless, I am a fellow Melbournite now living/working in Hyderabad in India. Husband and I are planning a short (1 month)cycling trip in our annual leave (Darjeeling/Sikkim/Bhutan or Rajasthan or Assam/Meghalaya)in Aug/Sept. Looking for cycling tips in those areas and help with chosing the better option (seen Dave's site). Also extending a warm welcome and a comfy place to stay if you're ever passing through this way.

(Dreaming of a cool Melbourne winter)

Del Fisch said...

Coucou Mr. Pumpy & Mr. Felix,

great Site, very stylish! full of splendit information, almost better than doing the dusty and always uphill going roads by yourself.
Any advice for Sumatra? you left it out so far. Me and me mate will cycle from KL in nov. We would be more than happy to lap you by chance.
write back!
delfisch a t uboot (dot) com

shrik said...

Hi there! I found your mrpumpy site through google. Nice site! have linked to it from my blog. Have a good one, and happy cycling! Let me know if you happen to pass through India anytime again.

Anonymous said...

¿ohhh felix, what have you done?

still breking se rools, still searching for the inner gibbon.
they're running around in packs, they're hiding, sometimes big and black and carrying something. can scare the hell out of me.

o-old man, mad flesh you are.

mudbath, from austria

Adam said...

Hey Felix, how about a post 'to not to blog' update? I (and many ofyour fans no doubt) check your site regularly to see if youve hit the road yet. What are your plans? The smoke must have cleared by now?