Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Email account update January

I may well finish the Hall of the Mountain King story soon....
currently I'm in Bangkok renewing my Indonesia visa.

In the meantime, below is a short video (see below) which is really intended to direct folks to my current email accounts.

Viz.; Felix's email accounts:
Primary: remove_pakpeelips@gmail.com_remove &
Secondary: remove_felix@mrpumpy.net_remove
(Remove the '_REMOVE_')

Note 1: If you are using the mrfelix@netspace account, please delete it. From Feb 12 it will be closed.
Note 2: I am using a severe SPAM BLOCKER on the felix@mrpumpy account, so to be sure to get through, assuming you have something important to communicate, use both, above.

So to the video. I was doing radio for a while there in Kali....

The Mr Felix Radio Show!
1 minute QT video on YOUTUBE
Click on link, above, or go here:

Theoretically, the video will be embedded here:

Q: What does the web have in common with Indonesia?
A: It frustrates the hell out of me, but I keep going back to it.



Anonymous said...

Have trouble finding your email account and address. Email sothy_tep at hotmail dot com

Hi, Felix! I have something important to say, so write back. :)

Mark said...

Hello Felix,

You also might be interested in making your email a bit more greener. Few ideas can be found here:


Indeed, let's do something for the environment.


Anonymous said...

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